12,000 Francs

Hong Kong thrives on novelty and innovation, so when an eatery such as 12,000 Francs comes along, people tend to take notice. With a unique food concept based on preservation, an enviable wine list and a highly decorated chef, 12,000 Francs sets the stage for a notable night out on the town.


Longrain Melbourne’s upstairs area has taken on a new life with the opening of Longsong. The area that was once a second storey horse stable has come to life again, this time as a contemporary bar, thanks to renowned Melbourne hospitality legends, the Van Haandel Group.

Banter Bar and Seafood

Kangaroo Point is one of the prettiest riverside suburbs in Brisbane, and now it’s also one of the best burbs for top-quality fish and chips.


Japan’s sake culture is unparalleled in the world of spirits. However, beyond Japanese borders, it is far from mainstream and certainly is not the go-to drink to grab after work for many Aussies.


A culinary melting pot like Hong Kong is hardly a stranger to Japanese fine dining concepts, but when a legendary three-Michelin-star kaiseki master teams up with a chef who has perfected his craft at some of the world’s finest establishments, heads are bound to turn. Such is the story at HAKU, an interactive Japanese chef’s counter which comes close to the ideal modern Kappo-style restaurant.