A Smudge Guide

9 Small, But Delicious Fromageries

You had better brie-lieve that Australia is home to some stellar fromageries. Soft cheese, hard cheese, gooey cheese, stinky cheese, blue cheese, tasty cheese, fancy cheese, treat yourself cheese - the list goes on and there’s an Aussie cheesemaker for every occasion. As a homage to the humble fromage, Smudge has pulled together a list of our favourite cheesy destinations in Australia.


Man Mo

The beauty of Man Mo’s menu is that it is inspired by Asian culinary favourites far beyond the traditional Chinese fare. Whether you’re in the mood for a curry and a beer, dumplings and wine, or a taste of this and a little bit of that, it’s a safe bet that you will find it at Man Mo.

Three Blue Ducks Brisbane

They’ve conquered Bronte, mastered Byron Bay, and made their mark on Rosebery - now the Three Blue Ducks team has headed north for their first stint in Brisbane.

The Collaroy

The Australian summer dream of diving into the ocean, then popping into the local for an ice-cold beer and a bite to eat, is alive and well at The Collaroy. In the time it takes to say ‘let’s go to the pub’, you’ll be out of the water and standing at the bar, or pulling up a chair at this newly re-opened Northern Beaches gastropub.

Matilda 159 Domain

When you come across a restaurant named ‘Matilda’, it’s safe to assume that what you will find inside is Aussie character. Scott Pickett’s latest venture in the heart of South Yarra does exactly that.