Editorial Feature

Singapore Hawker Stalls

One for each day of the week. Want to sample some local food at a fraction of the price? You can enjoy a snack or full meal at one of Singapore’s much-loved Hawker Stalls. Take a seat and enjoy the theatre - locals eating quickly and then going about their business, or seated all day long, catching up with neighbours over a snack or meal.



Odette is an ode to French cuisine and Chef-owner Julien Royer’s grandmother, who taught him how some of the most remarkable dishes come from the purest ingredients. This background no doubt helped Julien attract two Michelin stars within the first year of opening, and 5th place on the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 list.


A much-lauded leader of the Tasmanian culinary scene, Franklin champions modern dining, all the way from its industrial fit-out to its simple yet innovative menu.

Brewtown Newtown

There’s a wealth of experience behind the two men responsible for Brewtown Newtown. Charles Cameron previously managed Single Origin Roasters and Toby’s Estate Woolloomooloo, and Simon Triggs was Retail Operations manager for Toby’s Estate and owns Gnome Espresso in Surry Hills.

Common Man Stan

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