30 Whisky Bars to Try Across Australia

Whisky might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re a lover or just partial to a nip here or there, you’ll know that when you find a place that appreciates a good whisky as much as you do, you hold on to it.


Sean’s Kitchen

Sit back and watch the chefs do their thing as they prepare your meal from the open kitchen in this New York inspired eatery.


When chefs set out to combine cuisines, they tread a fine line; too much to one side and it becomes imitation, too much to the other

2KW Bar & Restaurant

With its rooftop city views and expansive menu, Adelaide is getting a taste of the New Yorker lifestyle at 2KW Bar and Restaurant.

A Tiny Place

With its old-fashioned white shutters, striking blue exterior and windowsills adorned with flowers, A Tiny Place in Hobart’s Battery Point will not only send you back in time but on an internationally-inspired, culinary journey.