Few things can successfully lure Melbournites out of their toasty warm hermit holes in the depth of winter. Without a doubt, Queen Vic makes that happen year after year by putting on a stellar winter night market performance that is just too good to refuse… and it’s happening again this June.

Queen Victoria Night Market frequenters need no introduction to staple dishes that the crowds flock to year in and year out. We’re talking paella, rotisserie meats, healthy portions of Napoli gnocchi and of course… That’s Amore’s parmesan pasta wheel. Droooool.

Wash it all back with some mulled wine and call it the perfect winter night. There’s over 30 food and drink stalls to choose from, with Simply Spanish, Tribal Tastes Whole Foods, ReWine, Coldstream Brewery, Beato te Panigaccio, Churro Kitchen, Bush Tucker and The Black Sheep among a host of others in the mix.

Aside from the sizzling of meats and slurping of beers the sweet sound of live performers will set the vibe on high right through the night. Past years have also seen a silent disco, fire dancers, gymnasts and palm readers, so expect a few big things in the entertainment department. If it’s just the food you’re into, pick your poison and sneak away to find a possie beside one of the open fires to keep you feeling toasty all-night long.

Need more convincing? Just ask the crowds – there’s plenty of them who can vouch for these markets as up there with some of the best.

Locate Winter Night Market returns to Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne VIC, Australia

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