Whoever said that afternoon tea was reserved for naughty treats, best be ready to be proven wrong by the most recent tea set to come to Hong Kong’s favourite tearoom, Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day.

Straying ever so slightly from their usual selection of decadent cupcakes, sliders, tarts and sandwiches, this beautiful tearoom has added a new Vegetarian Afternoon Tea Set to their carefully curated menu. Eager to cater to those who are deeply committed to their health or simply prefer to follow a plant-based lifestyle, passionate cook, Grace Lee, has created a menu for the Another Fine Day team that takes its inspiration from wholesome and healthy living.

Grace’s vegetarian menu features all the decadence and beauty you would usually associate with the Tea Saloon but it is instead created using the highest-quality fresh produce available. Think tiny, bite-sized treats filled with good fats, oils and proteins rather than refined sugars and other naughtiness that may be hiding. To top it off, every dish is completely vegetarian, so all who wish to eat at Another Fine Day’s Tea Saloon can enjoy the experience without any of the guilt so often associated with treating yourself.

If you prefer a meat-free, gluten-free or even a vegan diet you are now completely at liberty to indulge in an afternoon of tea, treats and good times at Tea Saloon by Another Fine Day. Just because you want to be healthy, it doesn’t mean that the fun should be taken away from your food!

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