Secolo Dining

The Italian word for century, 'secolo', seems a fitting name for this Italian restaurant, which has found a home in the 115-year old Legion House Building in Sydney's CBD. Secolo may take its name from its lodgings, but its vision is to produce traditional and authentic Southern Italian cuisine in a contemporary Australian setting.


The Lotus Group first claimed culinary fame in Sydney with a modern take on authentic Chinese fare and, of course, its signature dumplings. In the group’s latest hospitality venture, it has taken inspiration from further east to produce Fujisaki, a modern Japanese restaurant at Barangaroo.

The Duke of Clarence

Sydney is set to receive the royal treatment, with the launch next week of The Duke of Clarence: a themed 19th-century English public house in the heart of the CBD.

Stanton & Co.

If you love the likes of Riley Street Garage, then there’s one more venue you’ll need to add to your list – Stanton & Co.

The Fernery

With panoramic views of Sydney and vibrant, greenhouse-inspired interior, The Fernery is not just another bar – it’s an urban oasis. The tastefully decorated space, designed by Pony Design Co, borrows themes from botanic gardens, with plenty of plant life and abundance of natural light.