Delicious bursts of sweetness, raspberries have long been a favourite topping for our summer dishes. Of course when in their prime, they’re just as delectable on their own. Packing more of a vitamin C punch than oranges, these tasty morsels are really good for us. Add that they are full of diverse antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties, vitamin A and calcium, and we’d be mad not to enjoy them all summer long.

Their bright colour, which unbeknownst to many can also be gold, black, and purple, makes them a pretty topping. We like them on pavlova, fresh fruit platters, heated up and boiled down into berry compote, and frozen into ice lollies. The list goes on, but here’s how to enjoy them at their best.




Pick punnets that are bright, with uniform colour throughout the pack. Avoid darkened or dull, crushed, or mouldy fruits. Check if they are sticking to the bottom of the carton, or leaking a lot of juice, and avoid these if so. The fresher the better, opt for having them just packed in an open carton from your local fruit store or farm where possible. Where possible also always buy organic, as the antioxidant levels are much higher than in non-organic.



Raspberries are unfortunately a highly perishable fruit. Luckily they freeze well – rinse lightly and pat dry with paper towel. Then arrange in singular layers and freeze, once frozen they can be moved into freezer bags and keep for up to a year.

If you’re refrigerating them don’t rinse them until you’re going to eat them. They retain water and won’t keep as well, instead becoming mouldy or softer. Store in a covered container for just a few days in the fridge.



No one can deny how delicious these little berries are simply by themselves. Whack them on breakfast granola and yoghurt or, as summer approaches, amalgamate them into your typical Aussie pavlova.

You can heat them up just be aware they will likely soften and separate pretty quickly. Still, they’re tasty in fruit pies and delicious as a heated berry compote, or cooled down, on other desserts.

Finally consider freezing them with coconut water into tasty ice blocks, mixing them into your ice cream, or enjoying them in summer smoothies.


It’s time to rasp your berries and get cooking. Here are our favourite raspberry recipes for summer:

Crunchy French Toast from Flat White Cafe

Mister Green Tea and Raspberry Dessert from Le Petit Gateau

Banana Pancakes with Rasberry Coulis

Hazelnut Ice Cream Sandwich with salted caramel ganache and raspberry sorbet

Raspberry Coconut Muffins from Brunswick East Project


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