White Anchovies

with egg gribiche and parsley oil

White Anchovies

with egg gribiche and parsley oil


Parsley Oil

Roughly chop parsley, add all ingredients except oil to a blender then slowly add oil and blend until smooth and bright green in colour (note: more or less oil may be required depending on size of parsley bunch).


Peel and finally chop boiled eggs (7 minutes cooked); add shallot, chopped capers, salt, pepper and parsley with half of mayonnaise or aioli (check for consistency before adding remainder, consistency should be unctuous, not wet nor dry). Mix and refrigerate.

To Serve

Cut bread into approximately 6cm by 3.5cm pieces, about 1.5cm in thickness. Toast lightly.

Quenelle 1 tablespoon of egg gribiche onto toast, lay white anchovy fillet diagonally across gribiche. Drizzle parsley oil generously over everything.

Chef’s tip: extra salt in the parsley oil is good!

Local ingredient: Rohdes Clare Valley Free Range Eggs

Wine pairing: Wines by KT Churinga Vineyard Riesling 2013, Clare Valley



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