Wagyu Beef Tartare

with toasted onion, puffed wheat & hen’s yolk

Wagyu Beef Tartare

with toasted onion, puffed wheat & hen’s yolk
Serves 4
Puffed Wheat

The day before: Take 100g of farro and boil until completely soft. Once the farro is cooked strain through a fine mesh sieve (if there was any remaining water). Place on a tray and dry overnight in a low oven or in a warm place. One completely dry, take a small pot along with the vegetable oil and fry the faro at 210 ̊C until it puffs up. Strain and season with sea salt.


Remove any sinew from the beef and dice as finely as possible. Set aside.

Roasted Onion Mayonnaise

Peel onion and cut in half. Place in an oven-proof frying pan on medium to high heat and add olive oil. Once the oil is hot place the onions face side down and caramelise well.

Once caramelised, transfer to a 200°C preheated oven and roast until completely soft. Remove and allow to cool slightly before transferring the onions into an upright blender. Blend with sea salt and then blitz on high until completely smooth.

Allow to cool completely.

Once the onion puree is cold, fold 3 tablespoons of puree into 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise. Check for seasoning and set aside.

Crisp Shallots

Peel and slice the shallots on a mandolin as thinly as possible. Coat in the rice flour and fry at 170°C in vegetable oil until crisp. Strain and set aside.

To Serve

Take your diced beef and fold through the mayonnaise along with the finely chopped parsley. Season well with salt and pepper. Place the beef in the middle of the plate or bowl and cover with the fried shallots and puffed farro. Place the hen’s yolk on top. Serve.

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