Toasted Stout Sourdough Ice Cream

with Frosted Pecans, Henschke Prue’s Verjus Jelly, Guava Custard & Marshmallow

Toasted Stout Sourdough Ice Cream

with Frosted Pecans, Henschke Prue’s Verjus Jelly, Guava Custard & Marshmallow


Sour Dough Ice Cream
Place the cream, milk and glucose into a pot and heat until it almost boils, then set aside.
Place the sugar and egg yolks in a bowl and whisk together until it becomes paler in colour.
Pour the milk into the egg and sugar bowl and mix together with a wooden spoon.
Pour the mixture back into the pot and cook on low heat.
Always keep the mixture moving – never let it settle.
Cook on low until the mixture thickens slightly and coats the back of a spoon.
Once at this stage, take off the heat immediately and place on an iced bowl and continue to stir until cool.
Strain the mixture through a fine chinois.
Churn in an ice cream machine and add stout crumbs (to desired amount) as ice cream forms.

Stout Syrup
Combine stout, brown sugar, star anise and cinnamon stick in a saucepan.
Warm the combination slightly to infuse.

Stout Crumbs
Finely brunoise stout bread.
Soak diced bread in stout syrup until complete absorbed.
Evenly spread over silicon mats.
Bake at 100°C (no fan) and crisp for approximately one hour or until bread is completely dry.

Guava Crème Pat
Step 1
Heat milk and guava purée.
Step 2
Mix sugar and corn starch in a bowl until well incorporated then slowly add milk, mixing wet and dry ingredients until combined into a thin mixture.
Add lightly beaten egg and egg yolks to the mixture.
Once the milk/guava mix comes to a boil, pour into the mixture, stirring constantly.
Pour mix back into the pot using a strainer.
Return back to medium heat and take to boil, stirring continually and cook out for two minutes once boiling.
Cool mix down to 37°C.
Add cubed butter and stir in until well incorporated.

Verjus Jelly
Heat the Verjus to about 80°C.
Squeeze the bloomed gelatine of excess water and add to the Verjus.
Mix together until gelatine is completely dissolved.
Allow to cool.

Bloom gelatine leaves in ice water.
Place the sugar, purée, gelatine and boiling water into a mixing bowl with whisk attachment, ready to be whisked.
Whisk until cooled and doubled in size (consistency of a thick meringue).
Place the mix into piping bags and pipe tear drops.
Mix the icing sugar and potato starch together to form the dusting.
Dust marshmallow teardrops with icing sugar mix.

Line trays with silicon mats ready for the honeycomb.
Place the sugar, honey, water and glucose in a high sided pot and bring to 145°C.
Add the sifted bicarb (after about 1 – 1.5 minutes) and whisk in quickly; WARNING this will cause a reaction, aerating the sugar rapidly.
Carefully spread the sugar mixture onto the silicon mats and allow to cool.
Once cooled, break into pieces the size of a 10-cent coin.

Boil the sugar and water in a saucepan to 114°C.
Whip egg whites to medium stiff peaks.
Once sugar has reached 118°C slowly pour down the side of the bowl into the egg whites, while continuing to whisk until all sugar is mixed in and meringue mixture looks silky.
Spread meringue mix on to silicon mats.
Bake meringue mix at 100°C until completely dry.
Once cooled, break into pieces the size of a 10-cent coin.

Frosted Pecans
Place freshly roasted pecans in a large metal mixing bowl.
Boil sugar in a pot until it reaches 118°C.
Pour sugar over nuts and immediately stir with spatula.
Continue to stir until all nuts are completely cool and evenly coated in the crystallised sugar.
Package into an air tight container or bag.

To Serve
Place the guava crème pat and Verjus jelly in separate piping bags.
Pipe the guava crème pat in a circular motion onto the middle of the plate leaving a small space in the centre. Then pipe a decent amount of Verjus jelly in the centre.

Sprinkle sourdough crumbs on the top of the guava crème pat and Verjus jelly followed by marshmallows, frosted pecans, meringue, honeycomb and freeze-dried raspberry. Make sure all pieces are a similar size.

Finish it off with a quenelle of sourdough ice cream on top, garnished with seasonal flower petals, then serve.

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