Tasmanian Gourmet Platter

Tasmanian Gourmet Platter



Take the cheeses out of the refrigerator at least half an hour before serving to ensure they are room temperature.

Meats and Condiments

Pate and smoked ham are staples for a platter, but try showcasing a variety of unusual smallgoods in the mix to create some interest. Smoked wallaby,
chorizo and smoked chicken are perfect accompanied with olives, pub mustard and onion jam.


Build the seafood section of your platter last to ensure it is still cold and fresh. Include a few juicy lemon cheeks to squeeze over the fresh oysters.

To Serve

Select a large wooden board to construct your platter. Build in three sections: cheese first, then meat, and seafood last. Fill in the gaps with pickles, preserves, crackers and fresh bread.

Complete the plate by garnishing with fresh herbs. Dill works perfectly with the seafood, rosemary with the cheese, and red basil looks stunning with the meat. Enjoy with your favourite Tasmanian wine.

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