Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

with Textures of Beetroot & Kale

Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

with Textures of Beetroot & Kale
Serves 4-5

The night before

Beetroot Yoghurt

Place the yoghurt in colander overnight, then discard the whey. Roast the beetroot for 1 hour, cool, then peel. Chop, then blend until smooth. Mix with the yoghurt.

Dehydrated Kale

Lay kale on baking paper, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt. Dehydrate at 80C for 12 hours or until crunchy.

Candied Walnuts

Bring all ingredients to boil, drain, and place on a tray with baking paper. Dehydrate at 80ÅãC for 12 hours or until crunchy.

The day of

Roasted Beetroots

Scrub beetroots under cold water, then place onto a bed of rock salt. Roast at 180C for 1 hour, or until soft.

Cool, then peel, quarter, and store in separate containers.

Beetroot Disks

Peel raw beetroots and slice on a mandolin. Cut into different size circles using cookie cutters.

Cumin Dressing

In a bowl whisk garlic, cumin, mustard, honey and vinegar together. Slowly whisk in oils to create a vinaigrette.

Whipped Goat’s Cheese In a bowl whisk the mascarpone until stiff, then add the goat’s cheese,

whisking until smooth. Season.

Beetroot & Kale Tartare

Lightly salt the beetroot and dress with a little cumin dressing. Mix with the kale, coriander, chives and oil.

Zucchini Blossoms

Fold ricotta, feta and goat’s cheese together and place into a piping bag.

Carefully remove the stamen from the zucchini flowers, then pipe cheese mix into flowers. Carefully twist the ends of the flowers to enclose filling.

Mix buckwheat flour, soda water, baking powder and pinch of salt in a bowl to form a smooth batter. When ready to serve, dip the zucchini flowers into the batter and deep fry in oil at 180C until golden.

To Serve

Dress the roasted beetroots with cumin dressing. Spread the whipped goat’s cheese onto a plate and arrange the dressed beetroot on top. Place the tartare and pipe the beetroot yoghurt on the plate. Arrange the zucchini flowers and beetroot disks. Scatter with crispy kale and candied walnuts.

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