Spaghetti di Gamberi

Spaghetti di Gamberi

Serves 4

Peel and de-vein king prawns, reserving the shells. Marinate prawns in some extra virgin olive oil and a quarter of the garlic. Toast the shells, infuse with olive oil or vegetable oil and a pinch of sweet paprika. When infused, strain through a fine filter (like a coffee filter). Set aside.

Boil a pot of salted water and cook spaghetti until al dente. Cook the prawns on a grill and season with salt and pepper.

Heat up a good splash of extra virgin olive oil in a pan over low heat. Add tomato and chilli. When starting to soften, add the rest of the crushed garlic, stir a couple of times then add the white wine. Bring to the boil, then add butter and chicken stock and let reduce by half.

To Serve

Add the cooked spaghetti, salt and pepper, parsley and just over half of the parmesan. Toss to coat. Divide between four bowls, top the portions with remaining cheese, prawns, a small splash of prawn oil and garnish with herbs.

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