Smoked Belly of Pork

with Frikadeller

Smoked Belly of Pork

with Frikadeller


Season the pork belly with sea salt and caster sugar and leave the pork to come to room temperature, then begin smoking.

Place a deep tray with the smoke chips on a single burner on very low heat, once the smoke chips start smoking, place the cooling rack in the centre with the pork on top of it. Cover with tin foil and gently smoke for 20 minutes.

Once smoked, finish the pork belly in the oven at 160˚C for 3 hours and cook until a knife passes through it without tension in the flesh and the fat is properly rendered and crispy.



Mix all the ingredients except the caul fat in the order given, shape into golf ball size and chill them for 2 hours.

Once chilled, take out the caul fat and soak in cold water, lay the caul fat out in sheets on a tea toweled surface.

Place the meatball in the centre of the caul fat and, without tearing the lining, wrap the caul around the meatball. Then, using scissors, snip the end. Carry on until all the meatballs are wrapped tightly in the caul fat.

In an oiled pan, shallow fry the meatballs until firm, 8 minutes should do the trick, set aside to rest.


To Serve
Slice the belly into thick strips with the frikadeller set next to it and add a great big dollop of whole grain mustard on top.


Chefs Tip: You will need a deep tray, cooling rack and smoke chips for smoking.

Wine Recommendation: 2015 Unico Zelo Chopsticks Spice Blend

Local Ingredient: Barossa rare-breed boned pork belly from Feast! Fine Foods.

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