Smoked Beef Short Rib

Smoked Beef Short Rib


Crush the juniper, star anise, and cinnamon quills in a mortar and pestle until broken evenly. Combine with the brown sugar and salt and mix together thoroughly. Trim the beef short rib, leaving the bones attached. Remove any excess thick outer fat from the meat – don’t take too much off as the fat will add flavour and moisture.

Using paper towel, dry the meat and liberally apply the spice rub making sure it sticks to the meat. Pack it on so it absorbs into the meat. Let sit for an hour while you prepare the smoker.

Set smoker to 80°C and place short ribs inside. Leave for a minimum of 7 hours. When the smoking time has passed, remove and wrap the entire short rib in a parcel of baking paper and then foil. Wrap it well and tightly.

To Serve Increase temperature of smoker to 150°C and return short ribs parcel to smoker for a further 4 hours to cook the meat. After 4 hours unwrap the short ribs parcel and cut in between bones for large short ribs cutlet. Serve with a simple salad.

Chef’s tip: You will need a smoker for this recipe. Keep in mind that external fat inhibits the smoke, so trimming excess exterior fat will make your smoked meat flavour better.

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