Roasted Rock Flathead Tail

Roasted Rock Flathead Tail


Lay flathead on a clean chopping board and make an incision, cutting the fish in two. Use the bottom of where the fish was gutted as a guide, which will result in a 1kg tail for roasting, free of pin-bones. Reserve upper body filets for another use.
Preheat oven to 190C. Place tail on a roasting tray and dress with oil and salt and pepper. Place thyme and garlic under the fish and allow to come to room temperature (approximately 20 minutes). Meanwhile, chargrill the green garlic then place in a metal bowl covered in plastic to finish steaming. Place fish in the oven and set a 10 minute timer.

Remove green garlic and on a clean board, chop reasonably finely. Place in a mixing bowl and stir in oil, juice, vinegar, mint, parsley and seasoning. Taste the salsa as further adjusting may be required. The chargrilling should create a nice charred/BBQ flavour with the fresh herb and acidity breaking through. Test fish by gently squeezing the thickest part. It should just feel as if the internal fish flakes are moving on each other but leave a little underdone, as it will continue cooking on the bone.

To Serve
Place cooked fish on a large platter and dress with salsa, purslane greens, a lug of good olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, a few extra lemon wedges and extra sea salt and cracked black pepper.

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