Pot-Roasted Whole Mud Crab with Drawn Butter

Pot-Roasted Whole Mud Crab with Drawn Butter


Place mud crabs in freezer for 20 minutes to send to sleep. Clean by removing top shell and large claws, discard lungs, cut body into quarters and lightly crack claws and big joints. Set aside.

Place pot, big enough to hold crab, on high heat with 150ml of water and salt.

Once boiling, add crab to the pot with a lid, steaming until flesh in claws turn from translucent to opaque (approximately 9-10 minutes).

Lowering the heat, add the lemon juice, pepper and garlic, followed by the cubed butter, gently shaking the pot as it melts to create a sauce.

When butter has melted, adjust salt and pepper, add a little more lemon juice (if needed) and parsley.

To Serve

Arrange the crabs on a large platter and pour the remaining sauce over the top. Garnish with the fresh lemon wedges.

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