Poached Eggs & Smashed Avocado

Poached Eggs & Smashed Avocado

Serves 1

Roughly mash all ingredients together with the back of a fork. The avocado should still have a few bigger bits.


Cashew Hollandaise

Blend all ingredients together in a food processor until smooth. Adjust seasoning to taste.


LAO Dressing
Whisk all ingredients together. Adjust seasoning to taste.


Flax Seed Dukkah

Toast hazelnuts and sesame seeds separately until golden brown. Set aside to cool. Once hazelnuts have cooled, rub and peel off the skins.

Gently toast and bloom cumin seeds.

In a food processor, pulse toasted hazelnuts until coarsely ground, then set aside. Pulse flaxseeds and peppercorns separately.

Add all ingredients together in the food processor and pulse until finely ground.


To Serve

Spread the guacamole on the toast. Top with poached eggs, then a tablespoon of cashew hollandaise, a drizzle of olive oil, mixed greens and kale, LAO dressing. Finish with ½ tablespoon or more of dukkah on top.


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