Mister Green Tea and Raspberry Dessert

Mister Green Tea and Raspberry Dessert


For the Black Sesame Seed Shortcrust
In a mixing bowl with a paddle, mix the butter (room temperature), salt and icing sugar. When smooth, add the almond meal, flour and black sesame, and the egg yolks last. Flatten the dough and reserve in the fridge; flatten to 3mm for the tarts. Cut to the desired length and bake until golden brown. Leave in a cool place until the remainder of the dessert preparation is complete.

For the Raspberry Creamy
Whisk eggs and sugar while boiling the raspberry puree. Then when boiling, mix together and cook on the stove. Add the softened gelatine and lime juice, and emulsify with butter.

For the Green Tea Creamy
Whisk egg yolk, sugar and cornflour while boiling the cream, milk and green tea powder. When boiling, mix together and cook on the stove. Add the softened gelatine and emulsify with butter. Then pour in a small round pastry mould sphere or flat on a tray at 0.5 cm thickness.

For the Green Tea White Chocolate Mousse
Soften the gelatine in cold water and warm up. Melt the white chocolate and then boil the cream, vanilla beans and green tea powder together. Add the melted gelatine to the mix and keep this mixture at 50C whilst adding the whipped cream to it. Whip the cream to a soft peak consistency.

For the Chocolate Spray
Warm the cocoa butter in a microwave and pour over the white chocolate and green chocolate powder. Use a handheld blender to ensure food colouring is blended. Spray when mixture is at 29C, over the frozen cake.

For the Raspberry Jam
Place all ingredients into a pot and bring to the boil. Consistently stir it until it’s thickened and reaches 105C. Allow the jam to cool down and pipe on the sprayed cake.

To Serve
Garnish with a gold leaf.

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