Mantecato Risotto alla Rapa Rosa

Mantecato Risotto alla Rapa Rosa

Beetroot Puree

Oven roast the beetroot with your favourite herbs and blend it into a puree.


Shallow -fry onions with extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes. In a separate pan toast the rice until it is hot enough that you cannot hold the rice in your hands for more than 5 seconds.

Add the white wine to the rice pan until it evaporates and then add the cooked onions. Add enough stock to just completely cover the rice. Leave to cook for 13 minutes, making sure the stock doesn’t evaporate completely.

Vigorously stir the beetroot puree, parmesan and the butter into the rice.


Pour the rice on the plate, top with grated fossa cheese and toasted sesame seeds. Season to your liking and enjoy!

Chef’s Tip: Keep some extra vegetable stock in case the risotto dries during the cooking process.

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