Le Pain D'épice (The Gingerbread) Cocktail

Le Pain D'épice (The Gingerbread) Cocktail


Trade the DIY gingerbread house for this standout DIY cocktail with its dashes of gingerbread syrup, Mount Gay Rum, Disaronno and cream, and garnished with crushed gingerbread.

Serves 1

Shake thickened cream, Disaronno and ice in a cocktail shaker. Double strain into glass carafe and set aside.

Combine Monin syrup and Mount Gay Rum with ice. Lightly stir. Pour into an old-fashioned glass on ice and garnish with star anise.

Prepare crumbed gingerbread on a long-stemmed teaspoon.

To Serve

On a drinks tray, arrange the old-fashioned glass containing the rum and syrup next to the cream-filled carafe. Place the gingerbread crumb spoon on the side.

Time to DIY. Enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Sofitel Melbourne On Collins.

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