Kishoku's Sushi Etiquette

Kishoku's Sushi Etiquette


When you settle yourself down at the sushi bar, ask the sushi chef for recommendations. It shows that you trust him!

Use the rolled up washcloth (oshibori) provided for you to clean your hands.

Sushi is traditionally a finger food, so it’s absolutely okay to use your bare hand to pick up the sushi from the counter.

Avoid using too much soy sauce! Also avoid soaking the rice part of the sushi when dipping, instead dip the ‘meat’ part ever so slightly.

Eat the whole sushi in ONE bite!

If you cant eat the sushi in one bite, it’s okay as long as you don’t put the remaining half back on your plate. (Keep holding it with your chopsticks or your hand, whichever you are using)

If you’re eating a nigiri sushi, it is best to place it on your mouth in such a way that the meat-part touches the tongue first.

Use the other end (thicker end) of your chopsticks when you pick up a sushi from a shared plate.


To Finish

Avoid wasting any rice and try to end with a clean plate!  OISHI!

Chef’s Tip: Prepare to let the chef know about any food allergies or whether you like wasabi in your nigiri or not!

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