Kingfish & Tuna Tartare

Kingfish & Tuna Tartare

Serves 2

Mix together the kingfish, tuna, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, dill and a little salt. Place the fish mix into two rings and compress slightly. Pipe a little avocado puree on top of each mixture.

Lightly cook ginger and half of shallots. Combine and set aside. Combine other half of shallots with chives, and set aside.

To Serve

On each dinner plate, place a small dollop of chilli mayonnaise, the ginger and shallots mixture and spring onion and chives mixture.

Place 10 potato chips on each plate, next to dollops. Finish by moving fish mixture to plate and removing ring.

Chef’s Tip: The idea is that you mix everything up, then place a little of the fish mix onto the chips, and eat!

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