House-made Morcilla

with Coffin Bay oyster mayonnaise, radishes and pickled mushroom

House-made Morcilla

with Coffin Bay oyster mayonnaise, radishes and pickled mushroom


Serves 6

House-made Morcilla

Blend the rice for 10 seconds to break up the grains. Then add the stock and onions and blend to puree. Place in the fridge overnight.

Dice the back fat into 3mm cubes and mix well with the pork blood. Add all of the seasonings and the rice mixture.

Rehydrate the beef middles if they are heavily salted. Do this by placing in water for a few hours with some lemon.

Next, tie one end of the back fat casing and fill with the mix until about 2/3 full. Tie the other end and poach in the stock for 2 hours. Then, refrigerate.

Coffin Bay Oysters

Open the oysters and place on a tray that has scrunched up alfoil as a base to keep the oysters upright. Then place in smoker (we use a small electric hark smoker as you can get at most hardware shops, or you can use a wok) at 80°C for 20 minutes on high smoke.  They will come out golden like bacon but may not be cooked through yet.  Place them in a hot oven for 5 minutes to ensure they are cooked through.  Let them cool to room temperature before chopping for the mayonnaise.


Blend together egg, yolk, vinegar, garlic, smoked oysters, salt and mustard. Slowly add oil until the mayonnaise is thick. Add lemon juice and reserve.

Pickled Mushrooms

Quarter the large mushrooms, half the small ones. Bring the remaining ingredients to a boil and pour over mushrooms.

To Serve

Slice the morcilla into 2cm thick slices and grill until dark and crispy. Spoon some mayonnaise onto the plate, add the morcilla on top and then the pickled mushrooms. Top it all with nasturtium leaves, mache and radishes.


Chef’s Tip: The morcilla takes two days to make and is best made a few days ahead with some time to rest.

Wine pairing: Pintor Tempranillo 2010 by First Drop Wines

Local ingredient: Barossa Heritage Pork


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