Grilled Corn

with Salted Chilli Ranch, Parmesan & Furikake

Grilled Corn

with Salted Chilli Ranch, Parmesan & Furikake
Serves 4-6


Salted Chillies

A week before: Wash chillies and dry well. Slice into 2mm rounds (keeping the seeds). Place in a bowl with salt and use your hands to thoroughly massage the salt into the slices.

Place into an airtight sterilised jar and leave in a cool, dark place to ferment for about a week. When ready, the chilli slices will look limp and a lot of their moisture will have leached out. Wash them under cold running water for a few minutes or until they no longer taste extremely salty. Drain and dry.

Salted Chilli Ranch

The day of: Whisk 150g of salted chillies and the remaining ingredients together in a bowl until combined and set aside in the fridge.



Steam or boil the corn for 10 minutes or until tender. Put on a hot chargrill pan or barbeque and cook until the husk is charred. Remove from the grill and peel husk away from corn, arrange husk onto serving plate.


To Serve

Chop each corn into three pieces and place in a bowl. Liberally brush each piece with salted chilli ranch and place the pieces onto the husk. Scatter coriander and parmesan over the top and finish with a sprinkle of furikake and lime wedges.


Chef’s Tip: You will only need 150g of salted chillies for this recipe. You can make this element in advance and store the remaining chillies in a jar for up to one month.

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