Fregola ai Frutti Di Mare

Fregola ai Frutti Di Mare


Begin with the seafood. Peel prawns, cut calamari into small rings, cut octopus into small pieces, rinse mussels and clams.

Heat oil in a large pan and cook mussels and clams until open. Keep juice from the clams and mussels to add to fregola later. Discard mussel shells and empty clam shells.

Heat oil in a small pan, with garlic and chilli. Add tomatoes, salt and pepper and cook until softened.

In a large pot, heat oil with onion and bay leaves. Add fregola and toss for a few minutes until lightly toasted.

Add white wine to fregola and stir. Once evaporated, gradually start to add fish stock, stirring continuously.

Begin adding seafood. First add octopus and cook for approximately 10 minutes whilst adding small amounts of stock, stirring continuously. Add calamari and prawns. Gradually add juice from cooked mussels and clams for extra flavour.

Add tomato mix to fregola, taste and season again. Stir well.

Add mussels and clams to fregola with remaining juice. Stir again well until excess juice has evaporated and fregola looks creamy. Mix in parsley.

To Serve

Plate up and garnish with basil leaves.

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