Farm Grown Lamb, Olive & Feta Sausages

Farm Grown Lamb, Olive & Feta Sausages

Makes 20 Sausages
The day before:

Soak mutton casings in fresh water to so en them and remove salt.

The day of:

Roughly chop the lamb shoulder and onion into appropriately sized pieces to suit your mincer.

Mix the salt, garlic and spices through the meat. Mince all ingredients, other than the olives, feta and water, using the course mincer blade.

Add sliced olives and cubes of feta to mix.

If required, add a very small amount of water to the mix to ensure a consistency that will go through the sausage stuffer. If using very fresh lamb you will not require water.

Stuff mixture into natural mutton casings using a sausage stuffer. Shape and tie sausages into required lengths, approximately 100g each.

Allow the sausages to hang or rest on a cake rack in the refrigerator overnight to allow excess moisture to drain and enable the sausages to become firm.

To Serve

Cook the sausages slowly to prevent bursting the delicate natural skins. You can oven roast or cook slowly on the BBQ.

Preheat the oven to 75°C, place the sausages on a lightly greased tray and cook at this temperature for about 30 to 40 minutes.

If cooking on the BBQ, cook very slowly on very low heat.

Serve these delicious lamb sausages with Green Olive at Red Hill capsicum relish, garden vegetable coleslaw with raisins and apple dressing and a few slices of crusty ciabatta with Green Olive at Red Hill extra virgin olive oil.

Chef’s Tip: Choose feta that’s not too salty.

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