Edible Terrarium

Edible Terrarium


Serves 4


Whisk the egg yolks and 2 tablespoons of the sugar together until creamy white. Add in the mascarpone and mix gently.

Whisk the cream separately then fold into the egg mixture. Set aside.

Combine the espresso, remaining sugar and Kahlúa in a shallow bowl and stir until the sugar dissolves.

Soak the sponge fingers in the espresso mixture for 3–5 seconds then place on a separate plate. Dust a thin layer of cocoa powder on top. Set aside.

Sponge cake

Add all ingredients for the sponge cake into a mixing bowl and beat on a low speed until combined. Transfer the mixture to a cream gun or charger.

Insert 3 cream gases (one at a time) and shake it thoroughly.

Fill half a microwave-safe plastic cup with the cream mixture and bake in the microwave for 20–30 seconds. Turn the plastic cup upside down and let it cool down at room temperature. Set aside.

To Serve

To serve, divide ½ the tiramisu cream among 4 whisky glasses, being careful not to touch the sides. Add a layer of coffee-soaked sponge fingers, then add another layer of cream. Top up with a
layer of crumbled biscuit.

Tear the bamboo sponge cake into 4 pieces, place them in the whisky glasses as ‘mountains’ then add in dehydrated mushrooms, chocolate pieces and edible greens – be creative!

Chef’s Tip: When placing the decorations, remember to position the larger items (such as the bamboo sponge cake, oyster mushrooms, etc.) at the back of the glass first, followed by smaller items (such as chocolate pieces) at the front for better layering. Add the edible greens at the end as they are best to cover up any spare or dull-coloured spaces.

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