Crab, Zucchini, Espellete Pepper & Olive Oil

Crab, Zucchini, Espellete Pepper & Olive Oil


Cut four of the Lebanese zucchini in half and cook in boiling water until tender.

Scrape out the seeds and set aside.

Slice three of the large zucchini very thinly and finely chop the shallot. Heat up the olive oil in a pot with a lid, and add the shallot and green zucchini.

Cook for 1 minute, then add chicken stock and replace the lid. Cook until tender, then blend in a food processor or with a stick blender. Leave to cool.


Mix the spanner crab with mayonnaise, chives, salt and pepper. Fill the boiled Lebanese zucchini with the crab mixture.

Combine olive oil, white wine vinegar and mustard to make a vinaigrette.

Slice all the remaining zucchini and squash on the mandolin very thinly. Dress with vinaigrette.

To Serve

Place a dollop of puree on the bottom of plate. Place two pieces of stuffed zucchini on top. Lay slices of zucchini and squash around and on top. Finish with olive oil and a sprinkling of espellete pepper.

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