Coffee Granita with Panna

Coffee Granita with Panna

Serves 4-6
Coffee Granita

Mix caster sugar with hot coffee and stir to dissolve. Pour mixture into ice cube trays and leave to freeze.

Place 5 ice cubes per serve in blender. Turn on maximum speed and as it blends, slowly pour a little hot water into blender. Continue to add little by little until granita becomes a slush consistency.


Add pure cream and icing sugar to a blender with a whisk attachment. Beat on medium-high speed. Whip until thickened.

To Serve

Pour granita into a chilled glass. Portion out panna on top. Enjoy immediately with a brioche bun.

NONNO’S TIP: Granita is traditionally consumed for breakfast in Sicily, so it’s perfect for a hot summer’s morning. The coffee mixture be really grainy when you blend, so you’ll need to add hot water to get the right consistency. Eat the granita by ripping brioche and dipping into the icy mixture – just like the Sicilians do!

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