Coco Chilli Chocolate Figs

Coco Chilli Chocolate Figs


Temper the dark couverture on marble to ensure a chocolate that has a wonderful shine and snap.

Add hot chilli while tempering. Clean and thoroughly dry fresh figs, trimming the stalk.

Dip the fig two-thirds into the chocolate. Allow to set on greaseproof paper and then double dip. Place the figs on a greaseproof lined tray in the fridge for five minutes. Let set in ambient temperature for one hour.

To Serve

Enjoy with Australian cheeses, local dessert wine and whipped, honey-sweetened mascarpone.

Chocolatier’s Tip: I recommend Domori Morogoro 70% Tanzania or Valrhona Manjari 64% for this recipe. Chilli varies depending on hot or mild and the quality and age of the product. Less is more here – add a little and build from there. Remember that the chilli taste will intensify from the first taste!

If you use dried figs instead of fresh, ensure you remove the hard stalk from the fig.

If you want to learn how to temper chocolate, turn to Coco Chocolate’s cooking school – Sydney Chocolate School.

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