Chin Chin Crab Omelette

Chin Chin Crab Omelette

Serves 1-4, shared as part of a banquet

Roughly whisk eggs with a splash of fish sauce and pinch of sugar. Ensure not to break the eggs entirely. Heat oil in wok until smoky – it’s important that the wok is really hot.

Gently pour the egg mix into the smoking oil – it will bubble. As it’s bubbling, slide a wok spatula underneath the sides and move it round slightly. After about 40 seconds, lift and check the colour of the underside – it should be a glorious golden brown. Tilt the wok and slide the spatula under to ip the omelette.

Finish off the other side until just cooked. Remove from the wok and place on an absorbent paper towel. Once drained, top with crab meat and snow peas. Roll and cut in half. Place on plate and dress with Sriracha and oyster sauce.

Hot & Sour Dressing

Combine all ingredients.


Toss all salad ingredients with hot and sour dressing.

To Serve

Place salad on top of omelette. Enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Chin Chin.

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