Chicken Sopes

Chicken Sopes

Serves 2

To prepare sopes, most of the time is spent making the dough and once you get that, the rest is very easy.

To make the sope-tortilla combine the water and corn flour in a large bowl. Use a spoon to stir the mixture until well combined, then use your hands to bring the dough together and knead for 5 minutes or until the dough is smooth. Make the dough into two balls and pat or roll each ball into a 4-5 inch round.

Preheat a non-stick griddle over medium-high heat. Transfer the two flattened balls of dough to the already hot pan. Turn the tortillas over after a minute. Turn again after a minute. Remove the flattened tortillas after 30 seconds and let them cool for about 30 seconds.

When the tortillas are cool enough to handle (it should still be hot but manageable), pinch the edges to form a 0.5cm raised border with your fingers – the tortilla should look like a small bowl.


Add a pinch of salt to the 300ml water and bring it to boil. Put the chicken breast into the boiling water and let it cook. After it is cooked, remove the chicken, let it cool and shred into fine pieces.

Save the water for making the salsa.


Blend the tomato and onion with the water from poaching the chicken. Then add salt, pepper and oregano to taste.

To Serve

Top the sopes with the refried bean, diced potato, shredded chicken and the shredded lettuce onto the sopes-tortilla.

Top with the red onion, carrot, ranchero cheese and sour cream. Serve with salsa and fresh lime.

Chef’s Tip: When cooking the dough on the grill, don’t leave it for too long or the dough will dry and crack. To form the edge, it must be done when the tortilla is still hot, otherwise the shape of the tortilla will not change when it is cold.

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