Cheese Platter

Cheese Platter


To create a standout cheeseboard we suggest a selection of hard, semi-hard and soft cheese. Consider colour, flavours and quality pickles, pâtés and olives to complement the cheeses.

Drink Pairing: Goodman Negroamaro 2015-Yarra Valley, Victoria

To Serve

Ensure each cheese has its own knife to ensure the authentic flavour of each is maintained and refresh your palate in between each cheese to ensure you get the proper flavour of each cheese.

The tannins in red can often clash with cheese especially some of the stronger wash rinds and blue cheeses.

The Goodman Negromaro has a soft palate with lighter less drying tannins than many Italian styles.

This makes it a great wine to accompany harder cheese like Comté and Reypenaer.

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