Burnt Ends Bun

with Chipotle Mayo, Pickled Chilli, Cheese

Burnt Ends Bun

with Chipotle Mayo, Pickled Chilli, Cheese

What came first, Meatmother or burnt ends. It’s hard to remember! This is the menu item that has been synonymous with our venue since we opened in 2013 … burnt ends are also just as much of a crowd pleaser at our sister restaurant, Meatmaiden, in the CBD. Keeping up with the demand is a daily challenge.

The basis of great burnt ends is great smoked brisket. At Meatmother we start with an Angus brisket from New South Wales and smoke it over ironbark for up to 12 hours, using just a simple salt and pepper rub.

For our burnt ends, we use the end of the brisket that cooks first and after cooling chop it into 1cm pieces and fry it off in a pan with our Chief BBQ sauce, which is our ketchup-based house BBQ sauce and has also been with us since day one at Meatmother. It makes anything taste delicious. One of these days we’ll get around to selling it by the bottle.

Serves 1

The night before: This adds some tartness, and with the addition of the chipotle mayo another kick to the bun. Combine all ingredients and leave the chilli to pickle overnight


Using cooled burnt ends, roughly chop into 1cm pieces Fry the brisket pieces in a pan in oil until they start to caramelise and become crispy. Toss in some fried shallots and BBQ sauce and grate some fresh horseradish over the top.


Blitz the chipotles, mayo and some fresh lime juice in a blender and store in a sealed jar in the fridge.

To Serve

Now to layer that bun.  Coat the top of the bun in a generous layer of the chipotle mayo. Add a lettuce leaf to the base to provide a bed for those delicious burnt ends (and to add some colour and make you feel like you’re being healthy).

Fill the leaf with those BBQ sauce-coated crispy burnt ends, then top with a slice of easy melting cheese and the pickled chilli. Heat under a salamander or grill until the cheese starts to ooze down the sides then top with the other half of the bun and smash it down with a sour (or two).

Drink Pairing: The Burnt Ends Bun is perfect with an Aperol sour or two.


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