Black Ash Tortellini

Black Ash Tortellini

Pasta Dough

Whisk the egg yolks and squid ink together and set aside.

Pour the flour into a mixer with a dough hook attachment. Turn on to a medium speed and slowly add the egg mixture until a dough ball forms (approximately 3 minutes).

Remove the dough and cover with cling film. Press your thumb down on the dough – if it springs back to its original form, it’s ready. Place in fridge for 3 hours.

When ready to use, set up your pasta machine and sprinkle flour on the bench to prevent dough from sticking. Run the dough through the pasta roller on progressively lower settings until a 2mm thickness. Cut circles with a ring cutter, spacing the rounds as close together as possible. Off cuts can be re-rolled but only once. Cover with a damp tea towel to stop from drying out. Set aside.

Confit Eschallots

Peel and finely chop the eschallots. Place in a small pot, cover with grapeseed oil and cook at 60°C for 20 minutes, until the eschallots are al dente. Set aside to cool in the oil. Once cool, remove.

Confit Garlic

Place the garlic in a small pot and cover with grapeseed oil and cook at 60°C until soft. Set aside to cool in the oil. Once cool, remove.

Mash Potato

Bake potatoes in their skin. Once soft, remove flesh. Combine potatoes, butter, and liquid smoke, mixing thoroughly. Put the potato through a drum sieve twice. Add the parsley, chives, confit garlic (saving 10g for later) and confit eschallots. Season well with salt and pepper. Place in a piping bag.

Smoked Beurre Noisette

Place butter in a small hot pot. Once it foams, or reaches a caramel colour, take off the heat and cool down. Stir in liquid smoke. Set aside.

Watercress Puree

Pick the leaves from the watercress, discard the stalks. Blanch leaves in boiling water for approximately 5 minutes or until the leaves break down when pressed.

Working quickly, remove the watercress from the pot and drain well. Place in a blender with the remaining confit garlic on high speed. Slowly add 30ml of smoked beurre noisette and season to finish. Remove from blender and pass through a fine sieve. Set aside.

To Serve

Dust the bench with flour and place the pasta rounds on top. Pipe potato mix in the middle, leaving 1cm edge.

Lightly brush the outside of the circle with water. Bring the dough together to form a semi-circle, using fingers to push out any air. Repeat. Set aside on a well-floured tray. Place the tortellini in boiling water for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes drop the edamame and fresh peas in the same pot and cook for another 2 minutes. Remove the tortellini, peas and edamame from the water and toss with 20ml of smoked beurre noisette.

Put a spoon of the watercress puree on the base of the plate. Place 6 tortellini on top. Sprinkle with parsley, edible flowers and shards of pecorino.

Chef’s tip: Bake the potatoes to remove the water content, allowing you to add more butter without the mash becoming too wet.

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