63 Degree Egg

with poached asparagus, almond crunch & hollandaise

63 Degree Egg

with poached asparagus, almond crunch & hollandaise
Serves 4
Almond Crunch

Cook both slices of sourdough at 160°C until completely dry and crunchy. Use a knife to cut the toast into small shards, then combine toasted with almonds and salt and put aside.

63 Degree Egg

Place four eggs in a water bath set at 63°C for 1 hour. If you don’t have a water bath, soft poached eggs are fine.

Hollandaise Sauce

Place a heat-proof bowl over a medium saucepan that is quarter-filled with water. The bowl should fit snugly into the pan without touching the water. Remove the bowl, bring the water to the boil. Once boiling reduce heat to very low so the water is barely simmering. It is important that the water is barely simmering while making the sauce – if it is too hot, the egg yolks will cook too much and the sauce will curdle.

Place the egg yolks and water in the heat-proof bowl and place over the pan. Use a balloon whisk to whisk the mixture constantly for 3 minutes or until it is thick and pale, and has doubled in volume.

Add the butter a cube at a time, whisking constantly (It should take about 10 minutes to add it all.)

The sauce will begin to thin when you start adding the butter. However, once the emulsion is established (after about the third cube), it will begin to thicken again. If the sauce curdles or separates it can be saved as long as it isn’t grainy and the eggs haven’t set.

Remove the bowl from the pan and whisk in the lemon juice, season with salt and pepper and add diced chives.


Fill a small saucepan up halfway with water and bring to boil. Once boiling, reduce heat and add butter, salt and asparagus. Cook for 2-3 minutes or until just cooked. Strain and keep warm until ready to plate.

To Serve

Place 1-2 tablespoons of hollandaise in the centre of the bowl then add the asparagus on top. Using a spoon create a small well in the middle for the egg to sit. Sprinkle the almond crunch over the asparagus.

Crack each egg separately into a small bowl trying not to pierce the yolk, then using a tablespoon carefully place the egg in the well you have created. Garnish with baby herbs.

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