4 Hour Slow Roasted Wagyu Rib

4 Hour Slow Roasted Wagyu Rib


Preheat oven to 120C. Season the rack heavily with salt. Cut the garlic heads in half and place cut side down on the meat. Lay the thyme over the meat and place in oven for 4 hours or until you have a internal temperature of 44C. This will rest out to a desired medium/rare cooking temperature.

Once rested, preheat oven to 220C to finish the roasting process. Hit with the heat for 5 minutes: this will caramelise the outer skin, allowing it to firm up and take on the roasting flavours.

To Serve
Place on desired serving platter, then cut down the rib to desired weight portions. Slice and serve with warmed aromatic beef jus and Maldon sea salt.


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