Travel Bites of South Australia: Clare Valley & Southern Flinders Ranges eBook 4 of 9

Riesling is the drop de jour here; winemakers consistently produce award-winning wines that are celebrated globally. But it’s also home to a rapidly growing range of gourmet produce making the most of these local riches, from free-range chickens and stress-free lamb, to jams, chutneys and olive oils.

Head north to the Flinders Ranges and the Outback, where a myriad of micro-climates encourage a dynamic produce scene. It’s here you’ll find South Australia’s northern fruit bowl as well as the country’s main supply of kangaroo meat and a variety of bush tucker ingredients.

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EDITOR IN CHIEF: Jonette George
EDITED BY: Penny Cordner
PHOTOGRAPHY: Katie Wilton, Christina Soong, Alana Dimou

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