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Coffee Encounters

ISBN 978-0-9944326-4-3
516 pages

The Specialty Coffee Book New South Wales

Hardback, colour photography
ISBN 978-0-9923183-5-2
498 pages

Lovers of coffee know there’s much more to a good brew than meets the eye. Discover the world of specialty coffee with Coffee Encounters: come on an adventure to the origins of the beans, meet the farmers and roasters and learn what it takes to make each bean taste its best. Use your knowledge at your local cafes as you sip and sample your way through The Specialty Coffee Book New South Wales – your appreciation of the coffee bean will never be the same.


Coffee Encounters RRP $50

If you love your coffee, you won’t be able to put this book down. The exciting, new edition of Coffee Encounters covers the world of coffee from the sprouted bean to the extracted, end result. Discover the farms where coffee is grown from Africa to Central America, and South America to South East Asia, in these endearing narratives describing the care given to those little beans that make up your everyday coffee.


The Specialty Coffee Book New South Wales  RRP $40

The Specialty Coffee Book New South Wales discovers the best coffee haunts throughout Sydney and NSW. Join us on a journey that will take you from the farm to your cup and help you understand the difference between ordinary coffee and the best! With more than 130 cafes dotted around New South Wales, you will be sure to find a new local gem.


Coffee Geek Bundle $ 70
RRP $90

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