You know how it goes – art and wine darling, wine and art. There’s a new name in the art and wine world – Pord, and it will serve you well to remember it.

Taking a designer approach to the humble goon sack, a ‘Pord’ is a mini barrel of wine which has been beautifully adorned with a stunning work of painted art. The vision behind Pord is to bring artwork into the home in a way that you wouldn’t have thought about before – on the outer shell of a wine barrel. Working with celebrated Australian artists and wineries, Pord perfectly fuses the celebration of art and the experience of drinking good wine.

Each run is a limited edition, with the opening artworks coming from the likes of Evi O, Fillipa Edghill and Hannah Nowlan. Their designs will be accompanied by drops from Mitchelton Winery who will showcase their 2017/2018 vintages in varieties of pinot grigio, shiraz and rose. Fresh from their Goulburn Valley vineyard, these drops showcase the best of the mild winemaking climate and terroir which have nurtured many award-winning wines.

All that’s left to do is make your choice – select your artwork, select your vino poison and viola, your Pord awaits. Each barrel holds the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine, so gather the troops, pour yourself a chalice of the good stuff and show off your brand-new art to your pals.

The best part? It’s a minimally invasive way to drink wine, with one Pord cutting out the materials required to bottle 4 bottles of wine. This also drastically cuts CO2 emissions created by the production and the waste associated with making and consuming wine. The barrels are engineered to last too, so once you’ve polished off your Mitchelton wine, you can refill it with a drop of your choice, use it as an ice bucket, a vase for flowers… get as crafty as you wish.

Pords are now on sale and will set you back $160 a pop. Head to their website to snag one for yourself.

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