Just when you thought you’d heard it all, there’s a new cocktail on the block – the love child of Vietnamese pho and the humble negroni is on its way to Melbourne, and you’re going to go crazy pho it.

Pete Siganto, the manager of Uncle’s Collins Street venue has taken hints from Head Chef Dai Duong’s coveted pho ingredients to create a negroni like never before.

The pho-groni soaks gin with spices including ginger, toasted star anise and coriander, which is added to Campari, Vermouth and a dash of water. After a three to four-month barrelling process, the herbs and spices are brought to the fullness of flavour, producing a full-bodied, fresh and flavoursome Pho-groni.

It’s well worth the wait, as each sip of the Pho-groni is deeper and more decadent than the last, with the rich taste of the liqueurs balanced by the zesty freshness of the spices. It will be served in mini glass bottles with a side of hoshizaki ice, a lemon twist and basil flourishes that complement the aromas and flavours of this pho-nomenal concoction.

The first batch will be cracked open in time for World Negroni Week on 5 June, where the exclusive cocktail will be available for $21.50. To make the decision of what to drink even easier, keep in mind that $1 from every pho-groni purchase made during World Negroni Week will be donated to the Lighthouse Foundation, working towards ending youth homelessness.

Something is well and truly brewing at Uncle, so don’t miss your chance to indulge in this un-pho-gettable tipple this winter. Pho-gronis will be served up at both the St Kilda and Collins Street venues from 5 June onwards, and can be enjoyed alongside the delicious Vietnamese inspired menu for lunch and dinner Monday through to Saturday.

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