Whether you’re swinging by to grab one last ingredient for dinner from Woolworths, sweating it out at the gym, dropping off the dry cleaning, going for a scoot around LaManna and Sons for some fruit and veg before popping in for a fresh loaf at Baker’s Delight or getting your hair done, all the while having the car washed, you’ll find it all at your fingertips at the buzzing revamped Chapel Street precinct, 670 Chapel.

The new centre prides itself on everyday convenience and prestige – and rightly so. On the street level you’ll find a range of food and beverage stores that cater for just about any requirement, whether it’s checking off the grocery list or letting the experts do the cooking for you. LaManna and Sons is 670 Chapel’s resident fruit and vegetable specialist, a family owned business whose commitment to fresh, quality produce makes healthy living that much easier. LaManna’s offering will play on the motif of convenience, with ranges like pre-cut vegetables and an adjoining deli to make the dash around the grocery store a breeze. Nearby, you’ll also find Real Food Organic Kiosk and Cannings Free Range Butcher in the mix of great, healthy, good quality dining options.

Once the chores are out of the way, the beauty of 670 Chapel is in the great surrounding bites that you’ll also find within the centre. Hunky Dory’s Fish and Chips has had a facelift and has joined the 670 crew with a fresh offering of locally supplied seafood. Middle South East has also opened its doors with an exclusive indoor and outdoor space for visitors to drop by for a coffee or settle in with a bite to eat from their Middle Eastern inspired menu. You’ll also find a line of gym junkies out the door of BEN’s Supernatural and many more happily sipping on kombucha over a healthy burger inside, as the perfect post-workout spot after hitting Fit N’ Fast on Level 2. With restaurants like this to choose from after a long day of life admin, running day-to-day errands is made all the more worthwhile.

A quick zip up the escalators reveals some top services to make life just that much simpler. Here you’ll find River Garden Childcare and Big W, with Priceline Pharmacy to join them in a matter of weeks, as well as a massage parlour to take the edge off stressful days. The best part – all of these services can be enjoyed with the peace of mind that you can zoom in and out by car and always find a park at competitive prices. It’s really that easy – park, eat, shop.

With Christmas looming just around the corner, 670 Chapel’s convenient set-up cannot be overlooked. The last minute Christmas scramble gets everyone, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Cannings will have you sorted with the perfect ham and Chrismas pudding, and you should have just enough time to head upstairs to Big W for some lights for the tree or a manicure voucher for a Kris Kringle gift while they wrap it all up into one pretty package.

Though only new to Chapel Street, the 670 Chapel family is already growing, Liquid HQ setting up shop in early 2018 to satisfy those vino cravings. With plenty more surprises like these no doubt in the works, our bets are on 670 Chapel fast becoming as much part of your daily routine your habitual morning coffee run.

This feature was created with the help of our friends at 670 Chapel. To find out more, head over here.


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