Byron Bay Coffee Company is a multiple award-winning, family-owned, gourmet coffee house located in the hills behind Byron Bay, with stunning views over macadamia plantations and rainforest.

The company is a very well established player in the Australian coffee industry, having started in 1989. The owners, Annie and Franco Ivancich celebrated their 25th anniversary in 2014 – and they’re still passionate about the evolving coffee industry.

The Ivancichs were not ‘born’ into the coffee industry, but instead made a sea change when they moved to the Northern Rivers, New South Wales. Annie and Franco decided to be part of the new burgeoning industry and in Annie’s words, “We fell in love with the art and passion of roasting and that’s where we decided to put our energies. We built a factory on our farm several years later, and it all just took off from there!” Franco trained with USA based Stephen Dietrich of Dietrich Roasters, as well as a Sydney based roaster. This training, combined with Franco experimenting over many years, has made him the Master Roaster he is today.

Annie and Franco began to source green beans from premier coffee regions around the world, focusing on producing the highest quality gourmet blends, with integrity. Twenty-five years on, they are still operating as a family business and Franco and Annie source their beans from the coffee distributor Cofi-com. The beans come from all over the world, depending on availability and quality. At any one time they may be roasting beans from Indonesia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

The result is a unique tasting cup that is vibrant, rich and complex, and the critics agree, with more than 120 coffee awards to their name since 1999. They believe the secret to the success of the Byron Bay Coffee Company is their love and passion for the coffee itself, its high quality and consistency, plus the service and friendliness of their staff.

The coffee is roasted daily by Master Roasters, Franco Ivancich and Simon Shannon, to ensure maximum freshness, and multiple cupping trials ensure the rich natural sweetness and clarity of flavour that distinguishes their coffee. The company places the highest value on this meticulous roasting and blending process, which provides consistency of quality. The products themselves are largely Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, 100% dairy, gluten and animal-product free, as well as being Halal accredited and HACCP approved.

Having been at the forefront of the resurgence in the Australian coffee industry and witnessing the remarkable growth in recent years, Annie is in a good position to say, “It’s an interesting observation to see how fast the coffee culture has grown in Australia after a very slow start, and to observe the very high standard it has achieved.”

She sees the market becoming more sophisticated and hopes that everybody who loves coffee understands the importance of freshness and of brewing it correctly. The hope is that Byron Bay Coffee Company can make an even bigger contribution to that education process than it currently does, so that Australian coffee lovers associate their company with everything that is great about coffee.

Byron Bay Coffee Company products are distributed all around Australia and, less extensively, exported to Dubai, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK and the Maldives. Within Australia you can find their products in David Jones, Thomas Dux, Peters Of Kensington, Harris Farm and many other high end gourmet department and speciality stores.

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