If you celebrated a little too hard this silly season, make sure your 2017 gets off to a great start. Here are our top five ways to make sure this year is the best one yet. 

1. Indulgent Brunches

It’s not all pancakes and waffles, eating out can be a healthy and fulfilling experience. Next time you’re heading out for a bite to eat, try these health-conscious eateries. 

Matcha Mylkbar

Happy Place

Love Your Soul

2. Healthy Home Habits

Superfoods aren’t just for top cafes, you can easily incorporate these nutrient packed morsels into your day to day diet. Enjoy these cafe-quality treats in the comfort of your own home.

Golden Grind

Kakadu Plum

Pantry Detox

3. Stay Strong

When you look after your body you’ll start to notice that you feel better. There are many ways to stay in shape so find the studio that’s right for you.

F45 Northcote

Universal Practice

4. Treat Yourself

There are many different ways to look after yourself in all aspects of your life. Treat yourself, your body or your mind to a little something special.

Laura Poole Vedic Meditation

Little Company

Keeko Oil

5. Get Out of Town

You’ll be surprised how much good a weekend away can do. Here are three of our top weekend escapes that will leave you feeling completely refreshed.

Wellness Manor

Hothut Yoga

Art Series Hotel

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