Gone are the days of breaking up the party with a cab ride to the bottle shop or, even worse, letting a night slip into the booze-less abyss once the wine runs dry.

Melbourne – feel blessed that our friends from Sydney-based alcohol delivery service, Jimmy Brings, have decided to head south, solving the age-old quandary of where the hell to get grog when you can’t drive, can’t leave or, really, just can’t be bothered.

Originating from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, where alcohol delivery has become a way of life, Jimmy Brings has changed the home drinking game, one bottle of merlot at a time. In the age of UberEats, where we click our fingers and food from our favourite restaurants simply appears, it wasn’t long before alcohol had to follow suit.

Now we’re not talking the odd random label bottle here or half-arsed attempt at a quality beer there. Variety is king at Jimmy Brings – the menu has been carefully curated to offer you a perfect range of drinks that will cater to a plethora of needs. Whether you are after a nice bottle of shiraz to accompany your steak or a six pack of craft beers to sip on in the summer sun, a quick order from Jimmy Brings will have you covered within minutes, the convenience is truly hard to ignore.

These guys have really thought of everything, from ciggies, chippies and limes, to Panadol, condoms and Berocca, (you’d be wise to throw this into the basket – with such little energy involved in getting the booze, you’ll have more to spend on drinking it).

The fleet of vans adorned with Jimmy’s sweet face will arrive at your door within 30 minutes of ordering. And let’s be real – an Uber to and from the bottle-o won’t get you there any faster. This way, the only effort you have to put in is opening the app to order and answering the door to collect. In other words, it’s a no-brainer.

The best part is, with a minimum order value of $10, ordering from Jimmy doesn’t have to be only for the ‘oh shit – we’re out’ moments. Rather, a bottle here and there when you feel like a drink but don’t feel like braving Melbourne’s winter to venture out for a six-pack. They’re also treating you to free delivery to celebrate their Melbourne launch: Shut up and take my money! 

Jimmy Brings is delivering straight to your door 7 days from 11:30 am till 11 pm (10 pm on Sundays). There are really no losers here (except your head tomorrow – but that’s tomorrow’s problem).

Fire up the app, give Jimmy a call, order online, or hell – send a carrier pigeon if you must! Whichever way you roll, Jimmy is on the way to save the day.

Jimmy is giving Smudge readers $10 off if you download the Jimmy Brings app and make a purchase. Use the code: SMUDGE10

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