Make every hour a happy hour with five of our favourite health drinks. Whether you’re recovering from a wonderful weekend, a big night out or you’re just feeling a bit under the weather, these liquid miracle workers will have you back in tip-top shape in no time.

Soul Press

To pack in some greens, opt for a cold-pressed juice – a cleansing mix of kale, spinach, celery, cucumber apple and parsley spiked with lemon is the perfect way to help the body and mind. However, it’ll be hard to take your eyes off the Berry Glow smoothies – magenta with swirls of bright orange passionfruit, they’re as refreshing as they are beautiful.

265 Nepean Hwy, Edithvale. Located also at 624 Hampton St, Brighton VIC
03 8759 5824

Greene St 

Cold-pressed juice is the next big thing, and Greene St Juice is leading the pack. Its juice elixirs are packed with beneficial nutrients, including healthy oils and herbs, giving your body a heap of the good stuff. Choose between a pre-designed cleanse or design your own to take home. We trusted the team at Greene St to make us something that’s as equally delicious as it is healthy, so today’s drink is the Greene St Classic. Containing cos lettuce, celery, cucumber, kale, green apple, lemon, ginger, mint, parsley and dandelion root, it’s a real winner with a strong ginger kick that will get your body into gear. Keeping with their earth-friendly approach to juicing, the drinks are served in reusable glass bottles that are so pretty they could double as a vase.

Corner of Commercial Road and Cato Street, Prahran, VIC
03 9510 8907

Combi Coffee

You’ve got no choice but to be healthy at Combi. The small cafe has wholesome food in spades, offering the locals of Elwood a chance to start the day right, with nutrient-packed superbowls served in glass jars, thick cut toast with condiments, and raw, organic superfood smoothies that are meals in themselves. We’ve fallen head over heels for the Greenie Plus smoothie, a combination of kale, spinach, cucumber, banana, probiotic powder, brazil nuts, dates, spirulina, raw fermented protein powder, coconut water and crunchy coconut pieces. It’s a work of art, and almost too good to eat. Almost. With a good dollop of green, protein and selenium, your body will love you for it.

140 Ormond Road, Elwood VIC
03 9531 0084

Orchard St. Organic Juice and Raw Food Elixir Bar

The phrase ‘on tap’ is usually associated with a pint of ice-cold beer, not a fermented tea. However, Orchard St Organic Juice and Raw Food Elixir Bar does just that, offering Bondi locals (and those visiting the beachside suburb) Kombucha by the tap, courtesy of the lads at Ballsy Brewing. The energising and detoxifying drink is produced by the fermentation of green and black tea and raw cane sugar, a process that has existed for centuries in Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Japan. If you don’t have time to take a pew, you can take a bottle of the beautiful brew with you, or bring your empty for a refill. The best part? The fizzy, slightly sweet and tangy concoction will help your gut much more than a beer ever will.

2 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi NSW
02 9365 5180

Bondi Wholefoods

Smoothie supporters will be spoilt for choice at Bondi Wholefoods. The options are endless, with the chance to tailor a superfood smoothie to your liking – choose a flavour, a type of milk and protein powder to start your tasty trip down Delicious Drive. All smoothies contain Australian chia seeds, organic linseed, coconut oil and rice malt syrup, building the foundations for a beaming body, inside and out. If the choice is too much, take your pick from one of their eight signature smoothies. We’ve gone for the Acai Smoothie, pumped full of purple acai berries that contain bucket loads of antioxidants and fibre. Combined with frozen fruits and organic juice, the thick dairy-free, frozen frappe-style drink will have you full for hours.

30a Hastings Parade, North Bondi Beach NSW
02 9300 6776


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