To celebrate 12 years of gracious fine dining, George Calombaris and his team put together the final countdown at The Press Club last week, with a menu never to be forgotten. Inviting the media and past alumni to share the joyous journey, George left us in no quandary as to why this venue has won hearts around Melbourne for so long.

Starters like the Taramasalata, Loukamades and the Spanakopita with pine mushroom and black truffle were just an intro into an inspired menu that spoke wonders about the talented kitchen staff he has trained. A lover of oysters, I quickly devoured the Claire de Lune oyster with bacon butter, which was just a precursor to the stunning main, Rockling, Port Arlington mussel, sunflower and caper leaf.

Eleven dishes to celebrate 12 event-filled years had us all swooning and wishing this affair would never end. But as with all things good in the world, it’s time to change things up.

Despite George’s misgivings, he knows now is the right time to hand over the reins. On his Instagram, he wrote, “I won’t lie. These will be the hardest words I have to write. I am emotional. I can’t stop crying but I know good things have to come to an end.

“The Press Club has given me everything. Not just me but also thousands who have experienced it. The Press Club was a dream to put Hellenic ideas on the map. To love the past and to always look forward.

“Yes, it’s the end. And also the beginning. I am an Aussie. I am a Hellene. We never stop dreaming, thinking and creating.”

The fine dining establishment, The Press Club, is turning a leaf and George is handing the reins to Executive Chef, Reuben Davis, who George professes he loves! Certainly, after three and a half years at Made Establishment, Reuben is shaking things up by turning the venue into a more approachable venue, where you can come and enjoy a drink, with food if you like.

Elektra, named after the Greek goddess Elektra, will offer just ten menu items but also offer a huge selection of wines, and with over 30 by the glass. There are no bookings or wait lists – meaning everyone will be able to enjoy the luxurious surrounds without the previous wait times.

I’m excited to see the new incarnation and hold up a glass of bubbles to all at Made Establishment who have met the market and opened their prize venue to the public.

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