Easter’s not only about chocolate and bunnies! Celebrate this festive weekend with all the trimmings – scaling your cooking up or down, depending on the crowd you’re feeding. Head to 670 Chapel in South Yarra for your Easter shopping, and you’ll find your shopping list covered with the best ingredients in one spot, with easy parking underneath.

Cannings Free Range Butchers will make your menu choices simple with their carefully selected sustainable seafood, free range pork and chicken, and grass fed beef and lamb. As butchers with a conscience, the team at Cannings takes pride in sourcing ethical produce, providing a selection of some of the best produce in Melbourne.

LaManna & Sons, Melbourne’s fiercely independent and family-owned business for over 60 years, has all your fruit and vegetable needs covered, as well as specialty deli goods. The team here delights in good old fashioned service to help you find special ingredients or goods to produce a whole meal.

Round off your weekend with your liquor needs covered at Liquid HQ. Not just your everyday needs either. You will find the knowledgeable staff ready to point out the unusual and hard-to-get items that will make your Easter weekend one not to forget.

Starting with tricky Good Friday meals, it’s time everyone went vegetarian for a day. It’s easy with some Cannings salmon, which can be cooked quickly over a barbecue or in a pan, or you could serve up their special recipe of Pesto Salmon & Veggies.

Alternatively, LaManna has a great selection of vegetarian choices with pasta, frittatas and tarts, or the ingredients to make up a special dish like Lasagne Al Pesto or Pine Mushroom & Porcini Mushroom Risotto. (Substitute the Pine or Porcini mushrooms for any of the large variety you’ll find a LaManna.) Ask the team at Liquid HQ to suggest a good white wine to match. Be loyal and go for an Australian variety – there are some beauties on the shelves to choose from.

If your family is coming over for a casual meal on Easter Saturday or Sunday, light up the barbecue and, for something different, try some of Canning’s Moroccan Steak Fingers. These tender morsels of eye fillet tails and porterhouse, marinated in cumin, brown sugar and cardamom, can be purchased over the counter, and cook in less than ten minutes! Match these with some grass-fed lamb mince made into Super Simple Lamb Burgers –  again, ready in a twinkle!

You’ll find all the fresh ingredients you need to make some accompanying salads at La Manna. For something different, the family will love a Spiced Freekeh Fig & Halloumi Salad or Beetroot Salad. You will also find some great craft beers at Liquid HQ to match the outdoor vibe, or pick up a bottle on pinot which is always great with a barbecue.

If you want to go traditional for Sunday lunch, style it up with a Slow Roast Lamb and some Tahini Roasted Carrots or try making Cannings’ Duck a L’Orange with all the roast veggie trimmings from LaManna. Make sure you visit Liquid HQ and select from the beautifully back-lit refrigerator of rosés – you will find Australian, French and other varieties, perfect to match with your duck.

Sit back after your meal with the family and reminisce about the days of old with a beautiful bottle of French champagne, a great selection of LaManna’s cheese, and share around the Easter Eggs.

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