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Just as the name suggests, every man and his dog are welcomed with open arms at this stunning Coal River Valley vineyard. Just ask Archie, the fourlegged vineyard manager after whom the property is named.

Every Man and His Dog Vineyard is owned and run by Andrew and Loretta Thompson, who manage everything from planting to harvesting, picking, crushing and bottling. They took over the vineyard at the end of 2015, having been on the lookout for a change in lifestyle and pace.

While Loretta didn’t instantly share Andrew’s enthusiasm for diving into winemaking, advice and guidance from the vineyard’s previous owner soon saw her change her mind. Transitioning from the urban girl to someone ‘happily mucking around the vineyard in gumboots’, she, along with Andrew, developed a deep love for winemaking and a desire to continually expand their viticultural knowledge.

At their patch of vinicultural paradise, Andrew and Loretta take pride in the fact that no two vintages will be the same – rather, each are a reflection of the specific conditions of the year. Across 2.5 acres of European-style vines, they grow semillon, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon, as well as the rarer ehrenfelser and siegerrebe varieties. Loretta makes specific mention of the exotic siegerrebe variety, which takes the form of a tiny pink pearl-like grape that is generally harvested before the others are ripe.

As such, all of the variations are tended to by hand and according to their own schedule. Once picked, the grapes are basket pressed and the reds aged in oak casks. Having just completed their second harvest, Andrew and Loretta are delighted with the quality of and reception to their range of wines.

Visitors to the Every Man and His Dog Vineyard Cellar Door are treated not only to a taste of the vineyard’s exquisite wines, but an education about the process from vine to glass. Rather than operating traditional wine tastings, visitors are invited to sample the wines in a relaxed setting and ask questions about the drops they particularly enjoy. Andrew and Loretta believe this process is more enjoyable for the guests, as well as a valuable experience for them as winemakers, allowing them to see responses to their wines firsthand. In this vein, guests are also invited to get their hands dirty and participate in the grape-picking process alongside Loretta, Andrew and Archie.

Once you’ve found a favourite drop, settling in for a lazy afternoon with a picnic hamper or cheese plate is a must. Loretta and Andrew are more than happy to answer questions and show you around the vineyard, and they invite you to bring along your four-legged friend – Archie never says no to a buddy!

Every Man and His Dog Vineyard is also home to a small bed and breakfast for two. This private suite is available for guests to truly experience this ‘small corner of Tassie’ and explore the depths of the region.

With a two-person team and an ever-growing enthusiasm for grape growing and wine production, Every Man and His Dog Vineyard is worth watching. Pop by for a chat with Loretta and Andrew – there’s no doubt you’ll walk away with a renewed appreciation for their island home.

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1314 Richmond Road, Richmond TAS


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