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Indigenous, ethical and sustainable. They’re not buzzwords you generally hear when people talk about meat but then again, Lenah Game Meats is not your average meat company. Producing high quality wallaby and possum meat for more than 23 years, Lenah Game Meats has become a pioneer for sourcing and educating people about sustainable meat options.

Lenah Game Meats was started by husband and wife duo John and Katrina Kelly, in collaboration with Sally Bruen. Both John and Katrina come from traditional farming backgrounds: John was an agricultural advisor to the state government, while Katrina was a scientist with the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association.

In 1993, after many years of farming, the two were tired of seeing the negative impacts of poor farming practices. They decided to do something to change this and enlisted the help of Sally, who had many years of experience managing large-scale development programs.

The three entrepreneurs dreamed of transforming Australia’s meat industry into one focused on products from indigenous animals rather than introduced species. This decision was driven by sustainability and a commitment to environmental preservation.

Finding new and sustainable ways of sourcing animal products is incredibly important in tackling climate change – something the team is very passionate about. They are committed to researching innovative methods for feeding the world and educating people about them. John and Katrina provide the scientific and technical backing of the enterprise, while Sally’s expertise lies in communicating findings with communities.

When it came to naming the business they wanted something that was ageless and simple, settling on the Tasmanian Aboriginal word for kangaroo – lenah.

Lenah Game Meats is primarily focused on wallaby and possum meat products. The company has a dream that one day in the future, every Australian will replace their Christmas turkey with a Lenah wallaby roast! In the meantime, Lenah products are widely available in supermarkets across the country as well as on leading restaurant’s menus.

Unavailable anywhere else in the world, Lenah meat is truly Tasmanian, in addition to being an environmentally friendly product, wallaby is also healthy. It is high in protein and low in fat, making it an excellent alternative to other meats. The unique digestive system of the wallaby also renders them virtually carbon neutral meaning they leave very little impact on the environment.

Lenah’s commitment to sustainability and environmentalism extends to its zero-waste policy. The company strives to ensure every part of the animal is used, including the skin and fur. These are important products for the business and are used to create unique homewares and fashion items.

Lenah Game Meats is reinventing the wheel when it comes to traditional meat ideology. Through the creation of a delicious and nutritious product, Lenah proves that you really can have it all when it comes to eating alternative meat products.

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315 George Town Road, Rocherlea TAS, Australia


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