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Located on the corner of Murray and Collins streets, Vilicia Coffee provides a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD, offering the perfect spot to grab your morning brew and watch Hobart go through its daily routine.

This caffeine oasis is the creation of Vivi and Alicia Xiao, who opened Vilicia in 2014. They found inspiration for the venue’s name within their own, combining the two to create a memorable moniker. While this is their first venture in the booming coffee scene, they’ve started with a bang, offering locals and visitors a comfortable spot from which to start the day right.

In creating something to call their own, Vivi and Alicia imparted a colourful style on the corner block. Floor-to-ceiling windows wrap around the street-facing side, letting the Hobart sun shine into the space. Bright yellow coloured plywood lines the walls, with a suspended ceiling, indoor plants and hanging lights adding to the open feel. Coloured coffee cups cover the machine and cupboards, waiting for the coffee order from their next happy customer.

Vivi and his team serve liquid gold into your cup every day, working with Canberra-based roaster, ONA Coffee, to consistently deliver good quality coffee. They use The Founder as their house blend, favouring its rich chocolate qualities and dark fruit flavours.

The pair were attracted to ONA thanks to the business’ shared ethos around consistency and quality. Founded by World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic, the Canberra-based roaster has a team that cares not only about the bean, but where it comes from, dealing directly with the producers and sourcing the highest quality sustainable green beans. ONA’s commitment to coffee also translates to barista training and support, something that the team at Vilicia have benefited from over the last two-plus years.

Luckily for all those who walked through the door, Vilicia’s flawless coffee is joined by an array of delicious food offerings. Fresh sandwiches and bagels make up most of the menu, created every morning from locally sourced produce.

Wrap your hands around a trusty chicken and pesto sandwich on malt and linseed sourdough, or tickle your tastebuds with a slow-cooked pork belly bagel. For something out of the ordinary, order a takeaway yum cha pack with a selection of dumplings. If sweet is your flavour of choice, Vilicia Coffee also has a range of pastries on offer, including the famous Butterbing brownie cookie sandwiches, express shipped down from Melbourne each day.

Vilicia Coffee is the morning saviour of many a local, greeting them with the smells of freshly ground coffee and a smile from each staff member. Stop by to get in on the action – your day will be better for it.

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Shop 3, 39 Murray Street, Hobart, TAS


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